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The natural flake graphite mine of Etablissements Gallois S.A. is located in the northeast of Madagascar, in the province of Tamatave,. The mining operation was created in 1901 by the Gallois family, who started to produce graphite which was exported to the United States and Europe. Along with successive global industrial revolution, the Gallois mine has never stopped producing over the past 120 years. Because of its specificities and special quality, Gallois graphite has always been considered as a first choice by the global carbon industry. In 2016, the mine was taken over by a new operator who made significant investments to replace outdated production equipment with the most advanced technology. Annual production increased from less than 5,000 tons to 60,000 tons in 2017. ... more
The Gallois mine covers 280 square kilometers, the deposit is all formed by weathering. The average carbon content of the ore is around 10%, which is quite rare in the world. Opencast mining makes operations easy and safe, the carbon content can be easily increased to a high level by simple floatation. A team of Australian geologists has already estimated 240 million tons of graphite reserve while less than 1% of the total area has been explored.
Madagascar, an island country with stable political environment, has a mild climate throughout the year with a temperature of 15-35 ℃ and has rich water resources. These conditions enables the mine to produce uninterruptedly all the year.
There are three major mining sites referred to as No. 1 (Antsirakambo), No. 2 (Marovintsy) and No. 3 (Ambalafotaka) sites, currently only No.1 and No.2 sites are being exploited. In June 2020, the implementation of the new production lines with modernized equipment will be completed, annual production will then be around 80,000 tons in site No.1 and 60,000 tons in site No.2. At that time, the Gallois mine will be the most productive one in the world.
The strategic location of the mine makes logistics very convenient, the site No. 1 is situated only 45 km away from the international port of Tamatave.
We are currently marketing two brands MADA1 and MADA2 so named according to their origin. Since the mine went into operation, Gallois graphite has broadly been used in applications such as refractories, metallurgy, crucibles, sealing materials, brakes, pencils, and so on. As indicated by customers’ test in their production, the MADA1 graphite has natural specialties and high quality beyond comparison: it has a perfect crystalline structure, high density and in ash a very low content ... more of substance unfavorable for purification. It is especially good for manufacturing spherical graphite for lithium battery, expandable graphite, advanced refractories, man-made diamond and high purity graphite for military and aerospace industry. With the development of new technology in carbon industry in recent 20 years, the Gallois graphite has been used in many new applications fields.
After renovation and upgrading, the mine is now entirely computer-managed. We take samples and trace the data all along the production process to guarantee uniform and stable quality in every bag of final product. Whatever the quantity ordered, we can supply customized products to meet specific requirements of customers and ensure the stability and reliability of their raw materials. The graphite, loaded in containers, can be exported to any destination with a transit time ranging from 10-60 days.
Etablissements Gallois S.A. supply natural flake graphite with carbon contents ranging from 80% to 99% and flake sizes of +32mesh, +50 mesh, +80 mesh, +100mesh, +150mesh and -100mesh.
The brand new Gallois graphite is sold to Europe, USA, UK, China, Russia, Japan, South Korea, India, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico and other countries or regions. It covers all areas of carbon applications and will impress all customers.
With “every flake real, the quality first” in heart, the Gallois mine will carry on another 120 years’ glory. Over the next five years, we will focus on upgrading our products by further involving with science and technology. We will also produce high-tech products instead of just raw materials, by investing more in scientific research in combination with technology patents.


+35MESH +50MESH +80MESH +100MESH +150MESH -100MESH
+35 MESH 75-99% 80%MIN 0.5% MAX
+50MESH 75-99% 80%MIN 0.5% MAX
+80MESH 75-99% 80%MIN 0.5% MAX
+100MESH 75-99% 80%MIN 0.5% MAX
+150MESH 75-99% 80%MIN 0.5% MAX
-100MESH 75-99% 80%MIN 0.5% MAX
In addition to the standard grade listed above, Etablissements Gallois can match many specifications to meet customer’s requirements

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