30 km to Tamatave

The mine can be reached by both land and water, and the road will be broadened and the river will be dredged. The 1# mine is only 30 km from the Tamatave international port by water, and the 2# mine is 140 km from the port by water. Shipping by water is the first choice considering the safety and the convenience.

We will construct a hub dock in the canal in Tamatave , two specified docks in mine 1# and 2# respectively, and several docks along the canal, to transport the graphite - to the Tamatave international port and then to the places all over the world.

Exclusive Wharf

Tamatave international port

Turnover Wharf

Shore Wharf

20 trucks
One way

We’ve ordered specified tug boats and barges for the mine, the tug can tow 4 barges and each barge can carry 4 containers, i.e. 320 tons of cargo in one trip, which needs 20 trucks to transport in one trip.

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